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Mobile Medi Alert


The Mobile Medi Alert pendant works wherever a mobile phone does.  There is no landline or base station needed.

This pendant is ideal for seniors – active, independent seniors, lone workers or those with a disability.  It is also an ideal pendant for anyone who desires freedom as well as peace of mind that they can contact their emergency contacts easily if needed.

The Mobile Medi Alert has a fall detector and is capable of sending automatic emergency text advising your contacts that you may have fallen.  Your GPS location is included in the text.

Mobile Medi Alert pendants work using the same cellular network technology as used in mobile phones; just far less complicated!

Medical emergencies such as falls, heart attacks, strokes, security concerns or just locating a loved one, are only some of the reasons why people rely on Mobile Medi Alert for peace of mind.

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Your Mobile Medi Alert:

  • works in a similar way as a mobile phone so is not limited to being in range of a landline or base station
  • Has no ongoing fees from our end
  • Comes with a SIM card that is set up with your choice of Aldi (Telstra network) SIM card or Amaysim (Optus network)
  • Automatically answers calls in speakerphone mode
  • Comes with a docking cradle for easy recharging
  • Lanyard is included so you can wear your Mobile Medi Alert around your neck
  • Has remote GPS Tracking so your contacts can know exactly where you are
  • Contains up to 5 emergency numbers
  • Provides 2-way voice communication
  • Can call one pre-set number directly
  • Is able to detect Falls – containing 9 sensitivity settings
  • Has a 1 Year Warranty

Australia-wide Coverage
The Mobile Medi Alert needs a SIM card to work. Your purchase comes with your choice of either an Aldi (Telstra network) SIM card or Amaysim (Optus network) SIM card.

Option 1: ALDI Mobile SIM card (Telstra network)
The Mobile Medi Alert can come with a SIM card from ALDI Mobile installed and activated. It therefore has its own mobile phone number which will be supplied to you and details of your ‘ALDI Mobile Account’ login so you can check on your usage.  This choice comes with $5 prepaid credit.  It must be topped up with $15 within a year.  The calling cost is 12¢ a minute & 12¢ per text.

Option 2: Amaysim Mobile SIM card (Optus network)
The Mobile Medi Alert can come with a SIM card from Amaysim installed and activated. Again, it has its own mobile phone number which will be supplied to you and details of your ‘Amaysim’ login so you can check on your usage.  The Amaysim card is postpaid which means you only pay for what calls/texts you use each month.  This is deducted monthly from your credit card.  This choice is a As-You-Go Postpaid Plan which means you pay only for what you use.  There are no contracts, no monthly fees, no flagfall.  Calling cost is 12¢ a minute & 12¢ per text.

What is included in your purchase:

  • Your Mobile Medi Alert Pendant (choice of 4 colours)
  • A charging docking station with USB cable and power adapter
  • Your choice of SIM card (activated and ready for use)
  • Lanyard (safety necklace)
  • Set up and programming your emergency contacts
  • Mobile Medi Alert User Guide
  • 12 months warranty
  • Your Mobile Medi Alert will be delivered to you, ready to use straight out of  the box

Postage & Handling

Your Mobile Medi Alert will be sent via Australia Post for $10.90.  This will be calculated in the payment process when you purchase your Mobile Medi Alert.

What happens after payment?

Once your payment has been processed online, you’ll receive a confirmation email from PayPal.  You will also receive an email from Mobile Medi Alert to a link to complete a registration form which will be used to obtain further information to personalise your Mobile Medi Alert just for you.

Be sure to send us an email at if you haven’t heard from us in 24 hours of your purchase.  Please check your junk mail folder just in case.

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Black, Blue, Pink, Green


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