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Feel safe wherever you go

The Mobile Medi Alert is a Personal Emergency Response System that works anywhere


The design includes an SOS button,
Fall down alert,
2-way speakerphone communication and GPS location features.


Catered especially for you.  Programmed with your personal 5 emergency contacts.


Comfortable and easy to wear, weighing the same as three 20¢ coins and comes in four different colours.

Peace of Mind

Provides you with a greater sense of freedom while feeling safe; giving you and your family and friends peace of mind.

Why Mobile Medi Alert

The Mobile Medi Alert is for people who desire greater peace of mind and sense of independence.  It is ideal for seniors, those with a disability or anyone who needs to have access to emergency contacts readily for peace of mind.  The Mobile Medi Alert uses the same network technology as used in a mobile phone, except it is far less complicated! Medical emergencies such as falls, heart attacks, strokes, security concerns or just locating a loved one, are only some of the reasons why people rely on Mobile Medi Alert for peace of mind.

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“My Mobile Medi Alert gives me freedom to do the things I love without my family being worried.

I feel independent and safe at the same time; a feeling I haven’t had in a long time.  I love my Mobile Medi Alert!”

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